Panther Football is governed by the rules of the Northern Connecticut Football League (NCFL). The NCFL is a 9 team league that has an 8-week (1 game per week), regular season schedule. Squads A, B, and C throughout the league have a playoff system. At the conclusion of the regular season, the top 8 teams in each squad advance to the playoffs where they compete for 3 more weeks of games, and determine the NCFL Champion. D squad, (6-7 year old) is an instructional league that does not have playoffs or a championship game, but instead holds a Jamboree at the end of the season.


With a strong commitment to player safety, all Panther squads are 'Heads Up' certified!

Funded in part by the NFL Foundation, USA Football's 'Heads Up' Football is designed to change the culture around America’s favorite sport and enhance player safety at the youth level. This comprehensive solution promotes coaching education, concussion recognition and response, heat preparedness and hydration, sudden cardiac arrest, proper equipment fitting and Heads Up Blocking and Tackling.

USA Football's 'Heads Up' Program focuses on eight key areas:

USA Football's 'Heads Up' Program focuses on eight key areas:

  • Coaching Education:  All coaches within an organization required to complete USA Football's nationally accredited Coaching Certification Course, which trains them in important health and safety issues along with the game's fundamentals.
  • Equipment Fitting: Specifically the proper fitting of the helmet and shoulder pads.
  • Concussion Recognition and Response: Employing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols.
  • Heat Preparedness and Hydration: Establishing approved protocols from the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut.
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Having plans and procedures in place in case of cardiac events.
  • Heads Up Tackling: Teaching the fundamentals of this all-player skill in a safer way.
  • Heads Up Blocking: Teaching the fundamentals of contact for offensive players without the ball.
  • Player Safety Coach: Appointed by the organization, this individual ensures compliance with Heads Up Football player safety protocols, coach certification and continuing education with coaches, players and parents.

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Below are the four Panther tackle football squads by age group. A player's age for the season (league age) is determined by their age as of July 1st in the season playing.

A Squad:

  • Ages 12 and 13 (thirteen year old high school freshmen not permitted; cannot turn 14 prior to July 1) - weight limit = 175 lbs.
  • Halo: greater than 175
  • Game start times for A Squad are 1:00 pm on Sunday afternoons

B Squad:

  • Ages 10 and 11 (cannot turn 12 prior to July 1) - weight limit = 145 lbs.
  • Halo: 145.1 lbs - 175 lbs
  • Game start times for B Squad are 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoons

C Squad:

  • Ages 8 and 9 (cannot turn 10 prior to July 1) - weight limit = 120 lbs.
  • Halo: 120.1 lbs - 144 lbs
  • Game start times for C Squad are 11:00 am on Sunday mornings

D Squad:

  • Ages 6 and 7 (cannot turn 8 prior to July 1) - weight limit = 105 lbs.
  • Halo: 105.1 lbs - 119 lbs
  • Game start times for D Squad are 9:00 am on Sunday mornings


The Panther Flag Football program is for children 4 & 5 years old. Our Flag Football is a combination of fun and fundamentals in an exciting, yet non-contact form of the game... Boys and girls learn the importance of maintaining good form and footwork; are taught skills such as throwing and catching the football, running for touchdowns, making interceptions, and pulling flags on defense – all while having a great time, making friends, and learning the concept of Teamwork.


  • Ages 4 and 5 (cannot turn 6 prior to July 1)
  • Game schedule: