Panther Youth Football and Cheer Fall Season FAQ


What towns can participate in the Panther program?
○ Bolton
○ Columbia
○ Coventry
○ Mansfield
○ Willimantic
○ Willington
○ Windham

Are there discounts available for registration fee?
○ Yes! If you register before May 28 and pay by July 1, there is $20 discount for ages 6 and up.

Is the $50 volunteer fee once per athlete or once per family?
○ The fee is once per family. If registering online, be sure to uncheck the volunteer fee on subsequent athletes.

What is your refund policy?
○ Refunds will be processed up until September 1st of the current season.  

When are practices?
○ Football and Cheer follow the same schedule.
○ Practice starts on July 31 - Summer Practice will be:
        • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 5:30pm to 8pm
○ Beginning September 5, 2017 practice will be:
        • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Is there a football or cheer camp?
○ See individual sections for information.

Are board meetings open to parents?
○ Unless a special meeting is called, all board meetings are open to parents/guardians.
        •  However, only board members can vote.
○ Please check our Facebook page for times and locations.

Is there travel involved?
○ There are 4 away games and 4 home games.

What can I do to help?
○ There are lots of volunteering opportunities.
      ■ Being a coach
         ● Please see Jared Selley or Heather Bear for more information
      ■ Assisting at the Concession Stand (practice nights and game days)
      ■ Selling 50/50 raffle tickets during home games
      ■ Selling Spirit Wear (game days only)
      ■ Game Day field setup/tear down
      ■ Chain Crew (away game days only)
      ■ Game Announcer (home game days only)
      ■ Fill-A-Helmet Fundraiser
      ■ Be a Team Parent
      ■ Help with Cheer competition

What documentation do you need from me in order for my child to play?
○ A copy of the child's birth certificate
○ Physician statement form

My child had a physical and I have the school form, will you accept that instead of the physician statement form?
○ The physician statement form must be signed by a parent even if the school form is included.


Do you need experience to participate?
○ No, there is no prior experience needed. Cheers, warm ups, and other skills are introduced during the first weeks of practice.

 Are there tryouts?
○ There are no tryouts.

Do you participate in competition?
○ Squads A, B, and C take part in state competitions
○ Squad D participates in an exhibition

Do you cheer at games?
○ Yes.
○ Most games are played on Sundays, unless otherwise noted on our website.
     ○  D - 9 am; C - 11 am; A - 1 pm; B - 3 pm

Can boys cheer?
○  Yes

How are cheerleaders assigned to a team?
○ Squads are formed based on age as of July 1, 2017.

Do you offer a camps or clinics?
○ There is a cheer camp scheduled for July 24-26.
     ○ Sign-ups are due by June 15
     ○ See Heather Bear for more information


Do you need experience to participate?
○ No, there is no prior experience needed.

Does my child need to try out?
○ No

Can girls play football?
○ Yes

How are football players assigned to a team?
○ Players are assigned to squads by their age and weight.
○ The age groups and weights are as follows (halo rule/max weight limits):

A Team Football 12 & 13 year olds Football: Maximum weight 175 lbs. "Halo" at 175.1 lbs. and up*
B Team Football 10 & 11 year olds Football: Maximum weight 145 lbs. "Halo" at 145.1-174 lbs.*
C Team Football 8 & 9 year olds Football: Maximum weight 120 lbs. "Halo" at 120.1-144 lbs.*
D Team Football 6 & 7 year olds Football: Maximum weight 105 lbs. "Halo" at 105.1-119 lbs. *

Players that are playing under halo rules play as Offensive and Defensive Lineman only during games.

* In accordance with the 2017 NCFL Bylaws a player exceeding the allowable maximum weight will be allowed to play under the following guidelines:

(i) Must be a down lineman in a 3 or 4-point stance.
(ii) Must be positioned between the offensive tackles. May not be offensive ends.
(iii) May not "Pull" as an offensive down lineman on any running play designed to go outside the last down lineman; may pull on inside traps or passing plays. Defensive linemen can shade the outside shoulder of the offensive tackles, but cannot be lined outside the last down offensive lineman.
(iv) May not be a kicker or punter.
(v) May not be on the kickoff or kick return teams.
(vi) MAY advance the ball as a result of a fumble recovery or interception. Any other touching of the ball will result in a "dead ball" foul.
(vii) Must wear a "Halo" of contrasting color tape visible 360 degrees around the helmet.

What time will my child play?
○ Most games are played on Sundays, unless otherwise noted on our website.
○ D - 9 am; C - 11 am; A - 1 pm; B - 3 pm

 Do you offer a camps or clinics?
○ There is a 3 night camp in July for those registered for the fall season.
     ○ Camp is scheduled for July 18, 19, and 20, 2017

How much playtime will my child get?
○ A, B and C team players gets a minimum of 6 plays per game
○ D Team players get a minimum of 8 plays

 Are there any mandatory events the players need to attend?
○ There will be a mandatory weigh in day scheduled sometime before the first game day.
○ Equipment distribution will be Saturday August 5

Do you participate in playoffs?  
○ Only A, B and C Squads will participate in the playoff. 
○ D team participates in an end of season Jamboree.

What equipment do I need to purchase for my child to play football?
○ Football cleats, Athletic cup, rib pads (optional), football gloves (optional)